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Curious Case of Benjamin Bundt

A customer came in the other day, and asked to speak to the owner.  I wasn’t in, but my manager let the customer know that and she offered to take a message.  He said that he’d just come back another time.  He said, the owner was going to get a “kick” out of seeing his driver’s license.

When I returned and got that message, I wondered what was so crazy about that driver’s license.  I thought “did we have the same name?”  Which would be CRAZY, given that he was a man!

Later that day, a gentleman came into the bakery and asked if I was the owner.  To which I said “yes”.

He said, “I”ve been waiting all day to show you this” and then he pulled out his driver’s license.  And then, I read that his name was Benjamin Bundt.  BUNDT.  Could it be? 

Bundt Lore

The reason this was so shocking to me was that I thought David Dalquist created the word “Bundt” after he created this new, fluted aluminum pan with the same name in the 50’s.  Legend has it that he created the fluted pan that we know (and love) and named if after the group of women who inspired him to make the pan.  (“Bund” is german for gathering or group).  Then David slapped a “t” on the end of that word and filed for the trademarks. And Bundt was born…or so I thought.

Back to Benjamin Bundt

I told Benjamin about this story, and asked if it was a “new” last name as of the mid-1950’s.  He said he comes from generations of Bundts–apparently there are a ton of Bundts (the clan) in the mid-west and in Germany, and they all know each other because it’s a small family name. (unlike me and the “Wilson’s).  At the end of his visit I hooked him up with a Bundt Cake, and then he asked me one last question.

“I’m a Bundt–where’s my kiss?”

He got a kick out of “Kiss My Bundt” and he asked to have a few of our “Kiss My bundt” stickers so that he could have some fun with them.