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Cranberry Craze Is A ‘Comin!

When I was a kid, I developed a love of Cranberries–specifically canned jellied cranberry sauce and Ocean Spray Cran-Grape juice.


Yes, I am aware that true foodies are supposed to love cranberry relish with real whole cranberries in it.  But I always have and always will love the cranberry jelly that is shaped like a tin can and that you slice in medallions. 

And my love for Cran-Grape, and later Cran-Raspberry Juice was such an addiction that I would go through gallons of the stuff a month throughout college, with or without the accompanying vodka in it. (Thank God the lovely people at Ocean Spray invented the Light versions of these beverages–savedme a 40lbs of juice weight, I’m sure!)

Bigger than the love of the tart juice and canned “sauce” is my love of the Cranberry Bog.


When I was a kid, and watched those Ocean Spray commercials, the farmers would be in their wading boots, up to their hips in a lake of cranberries.  And I watched in fascination and awe.  How did those berries get in the water?  Was it real? 

I was a Southern kid in Georgia and Floria, and so as far as I knew, cranberries weren’t grown or harvested anywhere near me.  It was an anomoly. 

I made a vow that I would make it to a Cranberry Bog before I died, and I would wade in the bog with all those berries.

Well, I haven’t been to a Bog, but I’ve made contact with two people who live close enough to real cranberry bogs that I’m sure my visit will happen soon.

Meanwhile, I’m working on some cranberry cakes here at the bakery that we’ll launch just in time for Thanksgiving.  Think Cranberries soaked in either Rum, Whiskey, or Orange Muscat, then baked into the best, butteriest pound cake, vanilla cake or orange cake you can imagine.  It’s going to be great, I’m sure of that!

Meanwhile, here’s a recent find from Los Angeles’ KCRW’s “Good Food” where they explain the process of harvesting:

Cranberry Craze coming to KMB really soon!

Best Wishes, Kisses, and Dishes!