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What I’m Thankful For: Wednesday’s Thanks

Thanksgiving Eve is a holiday for us in the catering/food service industry because we see a lot of demand on this day as people come to get food items for the holiday taking place on the following day.

As such, we saw an influx of customers today, picking up bundt cakes and side-dishes, and placing orders for Thanksgiving Day itself.

When I tell you my staff and I worked our Bundts off, I mean it. 

But what helped get us through the day was our AMAZING and SUPPORTIVE customers.

So, today’s reason to be thankful is very easy.  It’s my unbelievable customers!

See, I discovered a long time ago that if you treat people like they matter (because they do) and you provide an excellent experience while providing an excellent product, you’ll have customers for life.

I know some of you are reading this like “DUH!” but seriously, this understanding is not held by all business owners.

Though we’re very young in our “life” as a bakery, we have the best customers in the world who have supported us for the length of our life… even when the bakery was just a web-based catering business. 

Our customers have a good sense of humor, they are supportive, they love our great cake, they share their foodie experiences with us, they are curious about new flavors, and they have embraced our infatuation with Bundts.  We know them by name, we know their stories, and we know how to make them feel good when they come through out brown and pink doors by doing one thing:  treating them like they matter and letting them know we are happy to see them and are thankful for their business.

I saw so many wonderful old customers and made new relationships with new customers that I realized my gratitude today needed to be focused on my very wonderful customers.

Thank you for embracing my wild idea to open a community bakery, and thanks for being the community that helps keep the bakery alive.