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Our friend and publisher Amy Reiley, of Life of Reiley, just let us know that the Kiss My Bundt Cookbook just won TWO Royal Dragonfly Book Awards!

First Place:  Overall best cover

Second Place:  Food-related book

I remember back in 2009 when Amy of  Life of Reiley, an independent cookbook publishing house, approached me about possibly doing a cookbook with them.  I, of course, had many aspirations for myself and Kiss My Bundt Bakery, and a cookbook was one of them.

I wasn’t sure if the time was right for me, buy Amy believed in Bundt  and she believed that there was a niche and an interest in recipes from Kiss My Bundt.

Most of the bundt cookbooks out there are 40+ years old, strikingly family-focused, and almost all from the mid-west.  What I was doing with bundt was taking this family classic and reinventing it with a cosmopolitan “LA”-style that was modern and young, but still paid homage to the Bundt roots.

I agreed with Amy, we made a deal, and within 6 months we had a cookbook that was going to print.

Lo and behold, Amy was right.  The Kiss My Bundt Cookbook has gotten great reviews from media, bloggers, and home-bakers who love good bundt cake as much as I do.



But, beyond the accolades and the sales, what makes Kiss My Bundt so special to me is that is 100% me.  It’s my voice, my or my family’s recipes, and my story of how I went from a policy wonk and community planner to a baker.

In the food industry, there can be a lot of disingenuousness.  I don’t mean that in a negative way–I just mean that some of the most highly regarded “creative personalities” outsource their ideas, recipes, even their cookbooks.   [See this New York Times story about Being a Cookbook Ghostwriter.]


So, for me to be able to have a book with my stories, in my voice, with my recipes, and my message about chasing your dreams to win awards is humbling and grounding and exciting and very, very  special.

I’m just in awe and so excited for the incredible support and love that people are giving to this book, which came out almost 2 years ago (May 2010).

One more piece of evidence that dreams can come true, people!!

And, when someone believes in you, let them!   Dreams come a lot faster when you’ve got a cheerleaders.

Do you have a cheerleader?  Are you cheerleading for someone else?