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Back in January there was a meme that circulated called the “100 Foods You Need To Try”, which morphed into wines, beers, etc that you should try.

At the time, I completed the test.  I found it funny that while I’d had more “exotic” things on the list like foie gras, I’d never had something as deli-standard as a pastrami sandwich.

This past Saturday, in a sober-middle of the night food run, my friend and I stopped by a famous Pastrami shop located in Culver City, CA, called Johnny’s. 

At 1am, this place was jam-packed full of people, which is somewhat of a sign.

I decided to eat this behemoth at home.  That was the longest 2 miles I’ve ever driven.  The smell of meat permeated the car.  I had to hold back the drool.  Serious.

I’m sure those of you reading this don’t need to hear about what Pastrami is like–I’m sure I’m the only one who’s never had Pastrami.  But, for the chance there is another Pastrami Virgin out there like me, here ya go:  Pastrami was like a thinly sliced bacon…I mean, it’s beef, but it’s rich and unctuous.  Thinly sliced, fatty (in a GREAT way) delicious meat.  Complimented by a crusty french bread and a yellow mustard.  This was a good sandwich.

Gladly, I was able to proudly remove one more “food” off of my list.  Now, I feel compelled to find the best Pastrami in LA.

After Pastrami, I’ve tried 81 of the 100 “Foods You Must Try”.  And truth be told, my number may not get much higher because I think I draw the line at haggis.

Haggis is sheep’s heart, liver and lungs

minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt

encased in the animal’s stomach.

The list is below.  After you take the “test”, what else should be on this list?  My votes include Pork Soup Dumplings, Coconut Cream Pie, Shrimp Po’Boy and Beignets  in New Orleans, and, of course Bundt Cake.   

What else do you think should be on the “Must east before you die” list?


Here’s the list:  What’s your number?  (The items in pink are the things I’ve eaten).

The 100 Foods You Should Try:



1.  Abalone

2. Absinthe

3. Alligator

4. Baba Ghanoush

5. Bagel and Lox

6. Baklava

7. Barbecue Ribs

8. Bellini

9. Bird’s Nest Soup

10. Biscuits and Gravy

11. Black Pudding

12. Black Truffle

13. Borscht

14. Calamari

15. Carp

16. Caviar

17. Cheese Fondue

18. Chicken and Waffles

19. Chicken Tikka Masala

20. Chile Relleno

21. Chitlins

22. Churros

23. Clam Chowder

24. Cognac

25. Crab Cakes

26. Crickets

27. Currywurst

28. Dandelion Wine

29. Dulce De Leche

30. Durian

31. Eel

32. Eggs Benedict

33. Fish Tacos

34. Foie Gras

35. Fresh Spring Rolls

36. Fried Catfish

37. Fried Green Tomatoes

38. Fried Plantain

39. Frito Pie

40. Frogs’ Legs

41. Fugu

42. Funnel Cake

43. Gazpacho

44. Goat

45. Goat’s Milk

46. Goulash

47. Gumbo

48. Haggis

49. Head Cheese

50. Heirloom Tomatoes

51. Honeycomb

52. Hostess Fruit Pie

53. Huevos Rancheros

54. Jerk Chicken

55. Kangaroo

56. Key Lime Pie

57. Kobe Beef

58. Lassi

59. Lobster

60. Mimosa

61. MoonPie

62. Morel Mushrooms

63. Nettle Tea

64. Octopus

65. Oxtail Soup

66. Paella

67. Paneer

68. Pastrami on Rye

69. Pavlova

70. Phaal

71. Philly Cheese Steak

72. Pho

73. Pineapple and Cottage Cheese

74. Pistachio Ice Cream

75. Po’ Boy

76. Pocky

77. Polenta

78. Prickly Pear

79. Rabbit Stew

80. Raw Oysters

81. Root Beer Float

82. S’mores

83. Sauerkraut

84. Sea Urchin

85. Shark

86. Snail

87. Snake

88. Soft Shell Crab

89. Som Tam

90. Spaetzle

91. Spam

92. Squirrel

93. Steak Tartare

94. Sweet Potato Fries

95. Sweetbreads

96. Tom Yum

97. Umeboshi

98. Venison

99. Wasabi Peas