Chrysta 10 min. 15 min.

Today is National Rum Day, and what a better way to celebrate than making a refreshing cocktail to cool down on this hot summer day.


Since Rum originates from the Islands (Carribean-adjacent), rum cocktails are often paired with super-fruity mixers.

These drinks are often too sweet for me, so my favorite Rum Drink these days is a  Dark ‘n Stormy.  Slightly sweet, tart, spicy, bold, and utterly refreshing.




Mixing Directions:  In a highball glass, stir rum, ginger beer, lime juice together. Stir slowly so as not to distrupt the carbonation of the ginger beer.  Pour over ice, squeeze lime wedge into drink and drop lime into beverage.  Sip and be refreshed.


Want to learn more about Rums?  Eatocracy did an interesting post on rum for  National Rum Day!