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Today would be the 100th Birthday of Julia Child if she had not passed from kidney failure back in 2004.  Most people know of Julia Child (sad to say) because of the movie, Julie and Julia, featuring Meryl Streep.   Many other people know Julia for her passion for food, her comedic timing, and for bringing the art of cooking and baking from scratch to America at a time when TV Dinners were the rage.  She introduced French cookery, and changed the landscape of American Cuisine forever. That’s a big statement, but it’s true.


My memories of Julia Child go back to when I was a little latch key kid in the mid-1980’s.  I remember coming home from school, considering doing my homework, and instead turning the TV to this very tall woman, with an odd voice, that was somewhat reminiscent of some of my usual cartoons (at least to the ears of a 8 year old girl!l).


I was mesmerized as she made cakes, clafoutis, roasts.  I wasn’t one of the viewers who took copious notes to later go and de-bone a chicken.  I was too young for that.  I watched for the entertainment factor, while I was also learning.  In fact, Julia Child’s cooking shows are the reason there is a Food Network.  Point Blank.


What drew me into Julia Child’s cooking show was her passion for food.  How she could make a mistake and forgive herself, and not only forgive herself, but make a joke of it.  You felt like no matter what you did in the kitchen, it would be ok.


And, ironically, I have incorporated this philosophy into my own kitchen and, especially, my cooking classes.  As a professional chef, cookbook author, and instructor, I see the joy from helping others learn to master the kitchen.  It’s an incredible rush, and I hope to do it for a very long time.  And as a lifelong learner, I have many things to learn as well.


So Julia, thanks for inspiring all of us modern cooks, for opening doors for female chefs, and for sparking  this little latch-key kid’s obsession and passion for cookery.


Happy Birthday Julia!



Now Watch this wonderful Julia Child Remix.  And “Bring on the Roasted Potatoes!”