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One of my good friends told me there were in Boston today, and wanted a recommendation for a great meal.  Her request reminded me of a recent trip to Boston and Cape Cod. That trip, in fact, was filled with Lobster Boils, beer tasting at Sam Adams, classic French cuisine in a 250+-year old colonial house, and some of the best pizza I’ve ever had.

On my way out of town, with 3 hours to spare, I asked a bunch of locals where to get the best pizza, and they all told me Regina Pizzeria.   When I got there, I grabbed a seat at the bar, got a pint of Sam Adams Summer Ale, and got the special:  pepperoni and sausage pizza.  When the pizza came, the bartender asked if I wanted “gah-lic” to go with it.  I passed, and he told me that I was making a huge mistake.  I got the gah-lic, which is actually a condiment consisting of chopped garlic in olive oil, and the garlic was almost sweet.  Pouring a little onto the pizza sent me over the moon with this delicious hand-tossed crust pizza with ample cheese and toppings.


And, I just got an email from my friend letting me know that the pizza was amazing, just as I had remembered.



Over the next couple of months, I found myself in other cities, bouncing from Pizzeria to Pizzeria, tasting pizzas and trying to decide what’s my favorite.  I had classic “New-York”-style hand-tossed crust in Manhattan.



I went to Chicago, and had deep-dish pizza pies at three different places, all independently famous:  Numero Unos and Lou Manalti and Giordanos.



If you’re wondering, Lou Manalti’s was the best.  However, I’m more of a hand-tossed pizza lover.


In Los Angeles where I live, I’m not sure where to get a great pizza.  I’m always on the hunt, and always accepting recommendations.