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In the past, I’ve written about the many uses of Grapeseed Oil in my cooking and baking, how it’s a healthier fat with more nutrients.  I always have it and olive oil in my kitchen.


A dear friend of mine who has facial skin issues, recently gave me a skin remedy for both cleansing and moisturizing her face:  it’s a combination of castor oil (a natural antiseptic) and olive oil, which is a natural moisturizer.


So, when I looked at my dry winter skin last night, after many jabs from my best friend about being “ashy”, which is slang for skin being very, dry dry. I looked away from my regular lotion and looked, instead, into my cupboard.


My first instinct was to use Olive Oil on my skin, but given I was about to go to an event in Beverly Hills, I didn’t want to smell like olive oil.  Grapeseed Oil, on the other hand, is an odorless oil that I have seen as an additive in other beauty products.  So I decided to add a little of this to my arm, hands, and legs.


AND LET ME TELL YOU!!!  A little goes a long way, and my skin was hydrated, smooth, and shiny without being greasy.  Remember, a little goes a LONG way.


Who knew the secret to curing my dry skin was in my cupboard this whole time.  This Grapeseed oil has TRANSFORMED my sin unlike any lotion in my possession. 18 hours later, my legs skin is still looking hydrated, and not greasy.


Others Benefits: What I’ve learned about Grapeseed Oil is that it protects the skin’s natural collagen. Additionally, it improves the skin’s elasticity, which is great for you as you age. Because of these benefits,  it’s great for younger and older folks to use.  It’s also high in antioxidents, which fight the free-radicals that cause damage to your skin.  Also, it’s great for breaking down and removing mascara, which also moisturizing your eyes.  Don’t get any in your eyes though.  Here’s a tip:  Get a hot washcloth and place it beside you.  Next, dab a little Grapeseed oil on a cotton ball and wipe your mascara off.  Then, use a hot washcloth to remove the excess oil.  Voila!  Pretty, clean eyes!


Anyone use use natural oils (Coconut, Grapeseed, Olive) for their skin?