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On this week’s episode of Dishing on Movies, Chrysta and Dale celebrate the 20-year anniversary of Jurassic Park, and the release of Jurassic Park 3D, by the creation of Jurassic Pork!


“Pork Chops tend to be dry”:  Pork Chops are a protein that some people say they dislike because the chops tend to be dry.  Typically, Pork Chops are dry because they are overcooked.  When you cook a meat, it releases it’s moisture.  So, but brining these pork chops first, we are putting extra moisture into the pork chops so that it compensates for the moisture that will be lost during the cooking process.


The Brining Process:  This Jurassic Pork is first brined in an apple cider vinegar (that kind of looks like Amber…), the seared on both sides in a hot cast iron skillet, and finally roasted.  The result is incredibly flavored pork, that is moist, and will be a nice addition to your menus.


“What’s this about the Paleo Diet?”  If you’re doing the Paleo Diet, this brine and recipe will work for you because we’ve removed the traditional sugars from the brine and used a small amount of honey, which is totally acceptable (in moderation) on the Paleo Diet!


Watch and enjoy!


And as a little teaser…. next week’s episode will feature a movie that tells the adventurous story of a brave father and a family friend who travel the seas to find a lost child.  Can you guess what it is?