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As we embark upon a New Year, I am collecting all of my ingredients so that I can make a traditional Southern New Year’s meal that is meant to harness good luck and prosperity for the new year.


I sincerely hope each of you have another opportunity to chase a new dream and make delicious sweets and meals for the people you love.



My Traditional Southern New Year’s Brunch Menu:

In our Southern tradition, we eat Black-eyed peas, Pork, Rice, and Cornbread and Collard Greens.


Black-eyed peas are symbols for money, specifically coins.

The peas are cooked with pork fat, in this recipe bacon, which is a represents looking forward.

Rice represents abundance and good luck across many cultures.

Cornbread made with yellow cornmeal, represent gold and prosperity.

Collard Greens represent money, and prosperity.


To help you make your own Southern Feast, here are some recipes and videos for you!


  • Hoppin John: A black-eyed peas dish I originally blogged in 2013.


  • Homemade Cornbread with Honey Butter: We made this on an episode of Dishing on Movies and it’s also available in your copy of the Kiss My Bundt Cookbook.