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It’s a New Year and I want to start it off on a positive note: by baking it forward. What does that mean? It means you recognize that sometimes all you need is bundt. But really, it’s an effort to make someone’s day better by gifting them a wonderful, home made, baked good for no other reason than making their day better.

A movie came out a while back about how to ‘pay it forward’ in good deeds. This is definitely along the same lines, except I actually do want to reward you for passing on the positive pastries. If you decide to participate, bake your bundt, pass it along to your friend in dessert need, and ask them to do the same for someone they know.

If you want to enter in to win my bundt prize pack, take a picture of your bundt with the hashtag #bakeitforward, and tag the Kiss My Bundt Page. This will automatically enter you into our drawing on February 10th. And what is in the prize pack you ask? We teamed up with Nordic Ware, and added one of my FAVORITE exotic ingredients to make baking for your friends a gift that keeps on giving. Plus, you know I’m gonna throw in a copy of “Kiss My Bundt!”


I look forward to seeing your beautiful bundts and happy messages of encouragement to the recipe recipient.